World War II experience, Belarus


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Safari experience, Kenya


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Long-term Accommodation

Our long-term accommodation partners cover both student and non-student apartments
as well as homestays at discounted rates

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Short-term Accommodation

Our short-term accommodation partners including discounted hotels, hostels and homestays are not only ideal for vacations but also act as a solutions until a long-term accommodation is found or is ready for move-in

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International Money Transfer

Whether you are receiving financial support from family, or are sending money back home, we provide you with discount coupons to transfer money internationally at the best rates through our financial services partners

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About Us


"Our mission is to provide international students, expats and travellers with truly unique experiences, and help them with all their essential needs!"


Raghav Lakhotia, Founder & CEO

Best University Housing was started in 2013 by Raghav Lakhotia, an Indian international student studying Engineering & Business at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA. We started as an organisation helping students in Los Angeles find discounted housing options near their universities. Since then, we have grown our geographical presence across over 50 countries around the world. Not only have we increased the scope of our discounted accommodation options from student apartments to non-student apartments, hotels, hostels and homestays, we have also incorporated other essential services such as mobile bank accounts, discounted flights, car rentals, RV rentals and discounted international money-transfer services. In 2019, we have created 2 truly unique week-long experiences for groups of 30-50 high school and university students. These are the Great Patriotic War experience in Belarus and the Maasai Tribe experience in Kenya. We are currently a team of 30+ highly motivated individuals, who are extremely dedicated to helping students, expats and travellers with all their essential needs abroad by assessing individual circumstances and recommending personalised solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? We have an answer.

How did Best University Housing begin?

Raghav Lakhotia founded Best University Housing as a student at University of Southern California in 2013 by helping incoming international students finding discounted student housing options. Over the next few years, he and his team have developed the business idea to expand this service to over 50 countries around the world, and have added additional accommodation types and other financial and transportation services for students, expats and travellers avail discounts on.

Where is Best University Housing based?

Best University Housing is based in California, USA and helps international students, expats and travellers with their essential travel needs around the world.

How is Best University Housing different from other agencies?

By focusing on overcoming the challenges faced by students, expats and travellers, we strive to become a guide, rather than an agent for our customers, by pointing them to the optimal solutions for their needs - the same solutions that our team members would recommend to our family and friends. We exclusively partner with the most reliable and customer-friendly companies to ensure our customers have pain-free booking and travel experiences.

What is the full concierge service and how does it work?

Our full concierge service is a highly personalized service allowing users to get 24x7 help with hand-picked options depending on their individual travel plans. The help includes the following:

- In-depth analysis of long and short term accommodation options which our housing facilitators choose as ideal options for the specific user's travel plans.
- International money transfer rate comparisons between different services and analysis of currency pairs specific to the user's requirements.
- Flight, rail and bus tickets and timetable comparisons as well as bookings on behalf of the users.
- Comparison and analysis of different mobile sim card options in the country of travel specific for talk, text & data plans our users are best suited for
- Discount codes on local ridesharing, bikesharing and e-scooter applications.

The entire package costs US$65 for unlimited 24x7 help for 1 year from the date of purchase.

For all other questions, simply fill out this contact box:

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