Belarus is the best place to learn a lot about XXth Century history of Eastern Europe with all it contradictions and political storms. It is the only former USSR republic, where Soviet time’s state symbols are still in use, and where 7th of October – a day of Russian Octobers revolution is still a state day off. Three revolutions, two World Wars, collectivization, industrialization and many other events left a lot to explore today! Not only listening guides, but communicating directly with locals and trying many interactive things on your own. The country doesn’t live in it's past and is developing very fast, combining relics of former social and political formations with modernity sometimes in weird, but very interesting ways. It is definitely a place that one should see with their own eyes.

Itinerary schedule for a 7 day trip to Belarus

Day 1 (Saturday)

Arrival at Minsk International airport. Guests will be received at the airport by the tour guide.
Visit the Mound of Glory, a distinctive landmark 21 km from Minsk, on the way to the hotel. The Mound of Glory is a hill that was constructed from soil from nine Hero Cities of the former Soviet Union and from the battlegrounds of World War II. It commemorates the Baghration Operation – the biggest ground operation of WWII, recapturing Belarus from Nazi occupation in 1944.
Dinner to be served at the hotel.
Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 2 (Sunday)

After breakfast at hotel, guests will explore the Belarusian capital and the most exciting places of interest in Minsk. During Minsk City Tour they will see the capital’s main monuments and places of interest: Victory Square with its 38-meter obelisk and the eternal flame commemorating the heroes of WWII, the Trinity suburb and the Afghanistan War Monument on the Island of Tears, the Upper town, the Catholic and Orthodox Cathedrals, Independence Square with the House of Government, the KGB historical office, the Residence of the President, the Ice Hockey Arena and a football stadium. Guests will find a place, where Lee Harvey Oswald lived in Minsk, during his life in the USSR. After City Tour they will visit WWII museum — dedicated to the bloodiest war of the twentieth century, and the only one in Belarus created during the years of Nazi occupation. Today it is one of the most significant and largest museums on the planet - along with the richest collections in Moscow, Kiev, New Orleans - which tells about the events of the Second World War.
At lunch time, a true Soviet fast food lunch will be served in Central bar in Minsk. Afterwards, Stalin's Line open air Museum tour gives guests a chance to learn a lot about WWII times weapons, machinery and fortifications. Local concrete pillboxes were a part of the defense system created at the beginning of the 1930s along the western border of the Soviet Union. This system is unofficially called the Stalin Line similar to the famous Maginot Line and the Mannerheim Line. After return to Minsk, dinner will be served in a local restaurant to give enough energy for further adventure. 
Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 3 (Monday)

After breakfast at the hotel, trip to the Zabrodye village is planned – the best place to feel the atmosphere of the Nazi occupation times. One can partake in the activities of a soldier, partisan or just a civilian and witness the most terrible storms that occurred in the middle  of  the XXth century. The next 24hours exciting adventures won’t give any time to get bored. After quest in a forest village visitors will not only get an idea of what was happening in Eastern Europe during WWII, but also get some useful survival skills and unforgettable impressions! Be ready to meet a real challenge during the day and at night!

All meals and places to sleep will be in the Zabrodye village. There should be no expectation to find any burgers or pizzas there!

Day 4 (Tuesday)

After a long night, a warm breakfast will help guests wake up and get ready to new field adventures! They will be experiencing the Zabrodye village with it's new experiences and helpful skills!
After trying old times machines, a modern bus will transfer them to Mir borough through beautiful areas of Western Belarus. They will learn interesting stories about this area and the Jewish resistance fighters – Belskie brothers fighting back Nazis in local forests during WWII. Guests are recommended to watch the Hollywood movie," Defiance" with Daniel Craig telling this encouraging story! Before WWII, Mir was famous for its national diversity, Jews, Belarusians, Poles, Russians, Gypsies and Tartars lived here peacefully for centuries. The same atmosphere can be felt while visiting Mir, which means “Peace”.    
In Mir, guests will be accommodated in a comfortable hotel in the former old Jewish district. There they will get dinner and a good sleep after previous night's challenges. 

Day 5 (Wednesday)

After breakfast, guests will learn more about the Holocaust history and the fate of the local ghetto during a Mir Castle tour. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and is now one of the most visited museum in Belarus. 
After that they will continue their journey and go to Brest.
A brief Brest City Tour will give them an impression of this place, which just celebrated its millennium!     

After getting lunch in the city center, they will explore the Brest fortress which faced Nazi troops twice- in September 1939 and June 1941. The memorial includes the Ceremonial Square, tombstones over the graves of defenders, the ruins of the citadel, the sculpture "Thirst" and the bayonet obelisk. They will also explore hidden dungeons of remote forts of this huge fortress.

Afer dinner at Brest, guests will experience local railroad and go to Minsk by overnight train 668.

Day 6 (Thursday)

Right after arrival at Minsk by 668 train, visitors will get a nice breakfast in Minsk coffee. It’s important not to forget to wake up, because in Zair Azgur Sculpture museum (a historic workshop of famous Soviet sculptor), they will meet Roosevelt and Churchill and dozens of Lenins, Stalins and other soviet characters! Also Entertaining quiz with gifts and a workshop with a modern Belarusian sculptor are included! After this, they will check in at the hotel in Minsk and relax. They can explore Minsk on their own or try any place that they prefer for lunch and just enjoy their spare time.

A Farewell evening party will happen in Minsk bar "Prohodnaya". Guests will get there by a transfer service from their hotel. A Soviet style mocktails and cocktails workshop with a professional bar tender will be part of this program! There will also be music, soft drinks, food and very special certificates.
At the end of the evening, the transfer service will bring them back to their hotel.
Guests spend overnight at the hotel.

Day 7 (Friday) 
After breakfast,  transfer service will bring guests to Minsk International Airport to catch their  flights back home.
Departure from Minsk    

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