Maasai Mara National Reserve is an area of preserved savannah wilderness in southwestern Kenya, along the Tanzanian border. Its animals include lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras and hippos. Wildebeest traverse its plains during their annual migration. The landscape has grassy plains and rolling hills, and is crossed by the Mara and Talek rivers. The area nearby is dotted with villages (enkangs) of Maasai people.

The Maasai are an indigenous ethnic group in Africa of semi-nomadic people settled in Kenya and northern Tanzania.They are among the best known local populations internationally due to their residence near the many game parks of the African Great Lakes, and their distinctive customs and dress.The Maasai experience gives an up close and personal insight into the lives and customs of this colorful,Nilotic ethnic group.

Itinerary schedule

Day 1: Once students arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport at Nairobi, Kenya, they will be received by the Maasai Mara Kimana camp reps. at the airport. Together they will proceed to reach the Maasai Mara Kimana Camp by lunchtime. After lunch at the camp, students will get time to relax and settle in.


Day 2: Option 1: Students can look forward to a full day of game drive inside the Maasai Mara national reserve. Here, they get a chance to look out for the big 5 park animals as well as spot other smaller animals in the reserve. Packed lunch and refreshments will be provided along the safari during lunch time. Students return to the camp in the evening for hot dinner with bonfire.


Option 2: Students can also opt to first enjoy an early morning  hot air Balloon flight inside the Maasai Mara game reserve with a champagne breakfast included in this package. Afterwards, they can proceed to go for the game drive. After the game drive, students return to the camp in the evening and enjoy hot dinner with bonfire.

Day 3: The third day will also be spent by the students doing a full day safari inside the Maasai Mara Game Reserve to look at animal species, flora and fauna unique to this region.

Day 4: Day 4 will be a more relaxed day for the students as after breakfast, they will embark on a Nature walk around the camp with enthusiastic Kimana Camp reps. Here they will get a chance to see and learn about the uses of various kinds of trees and plants. They will get to try their hand at typical Maasai activities like arrow throwing, learn to read animal footprints and many more interesting activities. Students return to the camp by dinner time.

Day 5: This day will be spent at the Maasai village where, after breakfast at the camp, the students will immerse themselves in the local Maasai activities like partaking in the Maasai warrior dances, school visit, learning to make fire, seeing the Maasai huts etc. All this will make for an amazing cultural experience for the students. They return to the camp in the evening for dinner.

Day 6: On the final day, students will have early breakfast at the Kimana camp and after that head out to the Jomo Kenyatta International airport at Nairobi to take their respective departing flights out of Kenya.


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